😁Project Team

Gunstorm operates with a team aiming to revolutionize the gaming sector. Our team, led by visionary entrepreneurs, possesses profound expertise in game development and offers innovative approaches with blockchain technology.


  • Maximilian Fox: A visionary leader with extensive experience in the gaming industry, Maximilian drives Gunstorm's inception. His expertise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies ensures the project's successful advancement.

  • Elena Volkova: Elena, with her deep knowledge of game development and strategic vision, directs Gunstorm's product and marketing strategies. Her user-centric approach ensures the game reaches broad audiences.

Game Development Team

Comprising renowned experts in the industry, Gunstorm's game development team consists of creative and talented individuals who keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends.

  • Alexei Michgen: A specialized art director in game design and graphics, Alexei establishes Gunstorm's unique visual identity by striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and usability.

  • Chris Fells: A software engineer with profound expertise in game mechanics and artificial intelligence, Natalia optimizes algorithms to provide Gunstorm with a competitive and fair gaming experience.

Blockchain and Finance Team

Gunstorm's blockchain and finance team is dedicated to creating an integrated gaming ecosystem with cryptocurrencies.

  • Edvin Glena: Specializing in blockchain technology, Vladimir develops smart contracts and cryptocurrency integrations to strengthen Gunstorm's in-game economy.

  • Felima Derah: With extensive experience in financial analysis and risk management, Anastasia optimizes revenue models and manages investor relations for Gunstorm.

Our team collaborates to make Gunstorm a global phenomenon. Fueled by creativity, innovation, and passion, we come together to ensure Gunstorm's success.

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